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Pheromate Lure-Sl is used to control Spodoptera Litura (Lacquery caterpillar) in Castor, Toor, Cotton and all Other crops.

Pheromate Lure system is used to control the population of larva, caterpillar. The reproductive stage of larva is call Blast. There is male blast and female blast. System of matting is same as fruit fly like female blast will spread the fragrance, male will attract towards it, matting takes place, female lay the eggs. Eggs are converted to larva/caterpillar. Which is the most dangerous problem of all farmers that huge army of this caterpillar will destroy the crops. Once the eggs converted to larva, it is so difficult to control them, repeated spray of larvecide required to save the crop and it is so expensive. To overcome this problem we have a Lure system.Place the Lure in the Pherotrap. Fix the oversize pole from the adjustable pipe of trap. No need to tie with thread. Place this according to the plant height. Lure has a fragrance of female blast by which male blast attract and slip in the polythene bag through trap as the surface of trap is very slippy. Once it comes in the bag, it can’t escape and die due to starvation. Without male blast, female cannot reproduce. Thus there is no egg laying & no larva formed. Apply it at the early stage of crop to avoid matting of blast. Replace the lure at the interval of 15-20 days. Destroy the trapped male blast periodically.