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MYCOVAC  is a  Biofertilizer which contains carefully selected species of  VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza)  which develop symbiotic association with plant root system by colonizing in the plant root  which improves the nutrient efficiency, metabolic activity and  crop yield.

Advantages of MYCOVAC:-

  • Improves the hairy root growth of plant.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of plant.
  • Mobilize the nutrient towards plant and increase the nutrient absorption.
  • Maintain the pH of soil around rhizosphire (root zone).
  • Energize the plant during draught condition (in summer and lake of water).
  • Increase growth, immunity and productivity.
  • Dissolve the salt present in soil & decrease the salt level to improve fertility.

Dose and application of MYCOVAC:-  100 gm/Acre

  • MYCOVAC can be applied by Seed Treatment, Seedling Dipping, Broadcasting with Dry Farm Yard Manure before sowing. Soil Drenching can be done within 5-10 days after sowing.

Available Packing: 100 gm.

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