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PHEROMATE-V Is Unique Pheromone Based Lure for Capturing Fruit Fly in All Cucurbits Crops. PHEROMATE-V Comes With Pheromone And Mild Toxicant Which Serve As Attract And Kill Purpose To Protect Fruits From Fruit Fly Damage. PHEROMATE-V Lure Fruit Fly to the Bait And Killed By Contact.

Cause of Fruit Fly.

Fruit fly is a major problem for Cucurbitae crops. It punctures the fruit and then the damage starts. From the hole, Fungal infection starts, Moth can lay eggs in fruit and larva growth starts. Black spots visible on the fruit and deshaping occurs. This ultimately leads to the economical loss to the farmer.

Target insect:

  • Betrocera cucurbitae and other fruit fly species.

Target Crops:

  • Tomato, Ivy gourd(tindora), Cucumber, Watermelon, Musk melon, Bottle gourd, Tinda(apple gourd), Bitter gourd


Pheromone Present In PHEROMATE-F Bait Block Attract Male Fruit Fly Towards It And Killed By Mild Toxicant Present In Bait- Block While Contact With Bait-Block.  Without male fruit fly, female can not lay eggs and thus the population is controlled.

Key Advantage:
• Ready to use system.
• Zero pesticide residue in fruits and fresh produce.
• Reduce the use of pesticide application
• An effective, economical and environment-friendly fruit fly solution.
• Long-lasting release up to 2 months after application.
• A step towards green and clean environment.